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Meet Bob

Success coach, entrepreneur, international author, and motivational speaker

To change our reality we must wake up,

show up, and step up.

Bob Trask

Bob Trask is one of the world’s leading teachers of mindfulness, consciousness and spiritual awakening. His leadership is being followed by thousands around the world through his dynamic classes, published books, and public speaking engagements.

In 1979, Bob and his wife Mary created a non-profit outreach organization called the ARAS Foundation. Their work with ARAS has provided thousands of transient and low-income families with food, clothing, emotional healing, wellness care, and housing resources. Their work has spanned the globe, partnering with the Village Bicycle Project to send more than 8,000 bicycles to villages in Africa. 

Bob has published four books: Living Free in English, Portuguese, and Spanish; God's Phone Number in English and Portugeuse, Romancing the Soul in Japanese and English, and TULIPP (The Layman's Guide to Emergency Medical Rescue) in English. He has two more books in the process of being published - a children's series titled Tales from the Great Meadow, and a spiritual novel titled Up She Falls.

Bob and his wife live in Bellingham, Washington.

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